GPD WIN 4 WIN4 2023 AMD 7840U/7640U 6Inch Handheld GamePad Tablet 64GB RAM 4TB ROM Pocket Mini PC Laptop Game Player Console


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Docking Station + Stand + Charger

Intelligent Docking Station Turns Handheld

Device Into Console In Seconds

The WIN 4 (2023) is equipped with an intelligent docking station that not only supports charging but also provides a plethora of interfaces on the back, including a docking station for expansion, allowing for easy charging, internet connectivity, external display, and more, all in one place.


Interfaces Listing: 

3 × USB 3.2 Gen2 Type A, with speeds up to 10Gbps
1 × USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C, Charging only
1 × HDMI 2.0, interface supporting a 3840×2160 resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz
1 × 10/100/1000Mbps, Adaptive RJ45 port

Interfaces And Function Keys

Exclusive Oculink port with direct PCIe connection, 63Gbps effective bandwidth, and support for GPD G1 graphics dock. Full-speed USB4 port with 40Gbps effective bandwidth, support for GPD G1 graphics dock and PD fast charging. Full-featured USB Type-C port with 10Gbps speed, support for intelligent docking station and PD fast charging. USB Type-A port with 10Gbps speed. A2 level microSD card reader with 160MB/s read and write speed.      Multiple Scenario Experiences To Meet Your

With the ability to seamlessly play games and work on-the-go, the WIN 4 (2023) is a high-performance device that functions as both a console and a productivity tool, all while being portable and readily accessible. It can easily rival mainstream PCs in terms of performance.Game Frame Rate Measured In Real-World Testing

Powerful integrated graphics performance

Guaranteed 60+ FPS for AAA games at

1920×1080 resolution* * *

* Testing environment: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U / 64GB LPDDRx / 2TB NVMe SSD / 1920×1080 resolution / Windows 11 Home 64bit

* FSR quality: indicates that FSR technology was enabled during gameplay

The World's Smallest AMD Handheld Device, Supports Windows 10/11 And SteamOS

So far, the WIN 4 is the world's smallest handheld device powered by an AMD APU. With the powerful 7840U/7640U processors, it outperforms the Steam Deck's custom APU. The WIN 4 inherits the sliding cover design and physical button layout of the WIN 3, and supports both Windows 10/11 and SteamOS (with system compatibility provided by Valve).

* * The single-core and multi-core scores are benchmark data from Geekbench 6, which supports the AVX-512 instruction set. WIN 4 has AVX-512 enabled by default, so the benchmark reflects the performance ceiling of WIN 4.
* The integrated graphics score is Vulkan benchmark data from Geekbench 6.
* The Oculink (SFF-8612) interface is a PCIe direct connection port that provides 63Gbps of effective bandwidth. It is mainly used to expand the GPD G1 graphics card dock, which meets the demand for improved real-time frame rates when connecting an external graphics card to the handheld device.
* The AVX-512 instruction set is first supported on the AMD Ryzen 7000 series APU based on the Zen4 architecture. It can greatly improve the CPU's single and double precision computing capabilities. WIN 4 has achieved smooth gameplay of PS3 games at 60 frames per second for the first time.
* The graphics card dock refers to an external graphics card expansion dock. WIN 4 not only supports desktop graphics card docks with replaceable graphics cards, but also supports the GPD G1 mobile graphics card dock. Due to the Oculink interface directly connecting to PCIe with 63Gbps of effective bandwidth, it can unleash the maximum performance of the discrete graphics card.
* Dual system refers to the support for SteamOS (system adaptation provided by Valve Corporation) in addition to Windows 10/11. However, WIN 4 is not limited to dual systems and can also support multiple systems. Some systems may lack driver support.

The Design Features Rounded Edges On Both Ends And Anti-Slip Patterns For Added Grip

The device features rounded edges on both ends, inspired by the PSP, which helps to distribute force more evenly and provides a comfortable grip that conforms to ergonomics. The gripping area is raised and has anti-slip patterns, increasing the friction surface and preventing slippage.6-6-inch Eye-care Screen With Native Landscape Mode And Slide Cover Design. 1080P Resolution, 368 PPI, And DC Dimming With No Flicker

WIN 4 (2023) features a 6-inch eyecare screen with native landscape mode and a 1920×1080 resolution, 16:9 golden ratio, 

and 368 PPI. It supports two refresh rates – 60Hz and 40Hz. 

The screen is protected by the 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass and has DC dimming with no flicker. It inherits the slide cover design from WIN 3, but with a larger screen, narrower bezels, and a wider field of view.

AMD Ryzen 7 7000 Series APU With RDNA3 Architecture And AMD Radeon 780M Integrated Graphics

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series APU is based on the Zen4 architecture, built on 4nm process technology, and supports the AVX-512 instruction set for the first time. It also supports AMD SmartShift MAX technology, which intelligently identifies different application scenarios and dynamically allocates system power. Additionally, it supports AMD SmartAccess Memory technology, which boosts gaming performance by 15%. The APU also features the RDNA 3 architecture and AMD Radeon 700M integrated graphics, with a maximum of 12CUs and 768 stream processors.

Floating-Point Performance Comparison Shows That The RDNA3 Integrated 

Graphics Architecture Surpasses The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

The brand new RDNA3 integrated graphics architecture shows a 150% improvement in floating-point performance compared to the previous generation RDNA2. Combined with four-channel LPDDR5x-7500 MT/s memory, the memory bandwidth is also significantly increased. Compared to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, the improvement is approximately 70%, with pixel and texture fill rates also doubled.

AMD Zen 4 Adds AVX-512 Instruction Set For The First Time, Resulting In A 30% 

Performance Improvement According To CPU-Z Benchmark Tests

The Ryzen 7000 series APU is based on AMD Zen 4 architecture and supports the AVX-512 instruction set for the first time. It is mainly designed for AI and HPC application acceleration, with a 1.3x improvement in FP32 floating-point inference multi-threaded performance and a 2.5x improvement in INT8 integer inference multi-threaded performance.With The AVX-512 Instruction Set, The 7840U Can Achieve Full-Speed PS3 Emulation, Allowing For 60 FPS Gameplay In Games Such As God of War III

For smooth emulation, a higher-performance CPU is required. With the support of the AVX-512 instruction set and the brand new RDNA3 integrated graphics architecture, it can bring up to a 30% performance improvement for emulators such as RPCS3, Yuzu, Gitra, Vita3K, and Xenia.The Exclusive Oculink (SFF-8612) Female Port Supports The GPD G1 Graphics Dock, Which Delivers Performance Surpassing That Of The RTX 3070

The WIN 4 integrates an Oculink (SFF-8612) female port, providing PCIe direct connection with effective bandwidth of 63Gbps. It perfectly supports the GPD G1 mobile graphics dock, improving gaming experience and work efficiency.PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 SSD, Available in 512GB / 2TB / 4TB Options, with Read/Write Speeds Exceeding 5000MB/s and Unlimited Expandability

The AMD Ryzen 7 7840U / 7640U supports the PCIe Gen4 specification, with a theoretical maximum throughput of 7.877GB/s. The official configuration includes a 512GB / 2TB / 4TB 2280 SSD (PCIe 4.0 ×4), with TLC NAND flash memory from Changjiang Storage, achieving sequential read/write speeds of over 5000MB/s in actual tests, and is expandable without limits.PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 SSD, Available in 512GB / 2TB / 4TB Options, with Read/Write Speeds Exceeding 5000MB/s and Unlimited Expandability

The AMD Ryzen 7 7840U / 7640U supports the PCIe Gen4 specification, with a theoretical maximum throughput of 7.877GB/s. The official configuration includes a 512GB / 2TB / 4TB 2280 SSD (PCIe 4.0 ×4), with TLC NAND flash memory from Changjiang Storage, achieving sequential read/write speeds of over 5000MB/s in actual tests, and is expandable without limits.The Exclusive TDP Tuning Tool Provides Various Optimization Options To Enhance Gaming Experience And Achieve Optimal Performance

“MotionAssistant” is a tool specifically developed for the GPD handheld gaming device series, offering a variety of optimization tools such as TDP tuning in 1W increments, GPU lock frequency, predefined power consumption settings, shortcut keys for foreground switching, overlay on the gameplay screen, custom mapping of back buttons to shortcut keys, and the ability to change settings without calling up the motion assistant interface. It provides a more refined experience than SteamOS. Additionally, the 'Power Control Panel' tool developed by overseas users allows for more intuitive adjustment of various parameters.* "MotionAssistant" and "Power Control Panel" tools are developed by third-party enthusiasts and their copyrights belong to their original authors.
* With the agreement of the original authors, selected optimization tools will be integrated into the official firmware and made available for download on the GPD official website.

Supports The "Playnite" Open-Source Frontend And Offers 23 Classic Theme Desktops For Free Switching

Playnite is an open-source game frontend that supports emulator games, and is fully compatible with the WIN 4. It offers multiple language interfaces and integrates 23 classic desktop themes for free switching.14 Mainstream Game Platform Data Sources, Integrated With 28 Game Libraries

Resources from game platforms such as Steam, Epic, and Uplay can be imported and managed through Playnite, which supports 14 mainstream game platform data sources and integrates with 28 game libraries, including support for emulator game libraries.Exclusive 4G LTE Clip-On Module That Supports Global Network Coverage, Allowing You To Play Games Anytime And Anywhere (Optional)

To enable gaming on-the-go, WIN 4 comes with an exclusive 4G LTE clip-on module that supports global network coverage. This module supports 4G TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, and 3G CDMA networks and accommodates a Nano-SIM card. It is an optional module and not included as standard equipment. There is no need to disassemble the device as it can be easily clipped onto the back of the device when needed.WIN 4 Features Two Customizable Physical Back Buttons That Can Be Mapped And Programmed According To Your Preferences

During gaming, the top cover of the device is typically not slid open. However, there are times when you need to press the Esc key to return to the game settings interface, and sliding open the cover each time can be inconvenient. To address this, we have added two customizable physical buttons on the back of the WIN 4 to easily customize combination keys and interval times.The L1/R1 Trigger Buttons Feature RGB Lighting Effects With Customizable Colors And Multiple Lighting Modes To Choose From

The L1/R1 trigger buttons of the WIN 4 come equipped with LED ambient lighting, featuring seven-color LED backlight effects with customizable colors and multiple lighting modes to choose from. You can also adjust or turn off the lighting effects at any time using the built-in WinControls tool within the system.
The L2/R2 Trigger Buttons Are Linear Analog Triggers, Allowing For Gradual Acceleration When Playing Racing Games And Quick, Full Acceleration For Instant Kills When Playing Shooting Games

The most popular games among players are nothing but 'cars, guns, and balls.' Continuing the legacy of the WIN 3, WIN 4 features linear analog triggers with a 27-degree tilt angle, capable of producing 256 (0~255) state changes by converting the acquired acceleration value into digital commands. If you are a skilled driver, experiencing racing games on WIN 4 will result in a significant improvement in smoothness, with gradual acceleration and instant kills in shooting games, just like the real throttle and trigger of a firearm!
WIN 4 Features Dual 3D Joysticks Manufactured By ALPS, Which Are Comparable In Quality To Top-Tier Japanese Shimizu And Sanwa Joysticks

WIN 4 returns to the traditional staggered layout for its joysticks, highlighting the externally mounted dual 3D joysticks manufactured by ALPS. These joysticks have a large range of motion and low resistance, sacrificing some response speed for improved precision. When playing fighting games, the joystick's comfort level is comparable to top-tier Japanese Shimizu and Sanwa joysticks, with native support for L3/R3 functions via joystick pushes.The WIN 4 Has Dual Built-In Vibration Motors, With Adjustable Levels

Of Strong, Weak, Or No Vibration

The WIN 4 has been upgraded to include dual vibration motors with adjustable levels of strong and weak vibration, enhancing the overall vibration experience. When playing shooting games, you can feel the recoil of your gun and the vibration of the entire device when starting the engine. The precise and intense vibration effects of WIN 4 provide an immersive gaming experience. If you prefer not to have vibration, you can also turn it off.The WIN 4 Is Equipped With A 6-Axis Gyroscope For Motion Sensing, Allowing For Free Play Of Motion-Controlled Games

The WIN 4 features built-in 6-axis gyroscope positioning, which can convert motion-controlled actions into various joystick button inputs. Human movements can determine the direction of the racing car, providing a deep experience of motion control. This translates into a wider range of gameplay options. The exclusive optimization tool, 'MotionAssistant', not only emulates the Xbox 360 joystick but also simulates native motion-controlled games on the PS4.The WIN 4 Features A Hidden White-Backlit Physical Keyboard, With The Ability To Control The Backlight Via Keyboard Commands To Turn It On Or Off

WIN 4 returns to the traditional physical keyboard layout with a "QWERTY" full keyboard layout, utilizing metal dome technology for its keys. When the screen is slid open, the white backlight remains continuously lit and can be controlled via the keyboard to turn on or off.

WIN 4 Has A PC-Grade Turbo Fan And Thicker Dual Heat Pipes, Resulting In A 35% Increase In Cooling Efficiency Compared To WIN 3

Despite its small size, the WIN 4 never compromises on power consumption, with significant improvements in internal cooling. The cooling module features a larger turbo fan than the WIN 3, resulting in a 34% increase in airflow, a 22% increase in heat sink cross-section, and a 50% increase in dual heat pipe thickness, resulting in a 50% increase in thermal conductivity. Overall, the WIN 4's cooling efficiency has improved by 35% compared to the WIN 3.

In BIOS, the fan PWM control mode saves energy by only operating at 20% of its speed when the internal temperature is below 40°C. When the temperature exceeds 40°C, the fan accelerates with a 2% PWM increase each time, up to a maximum of 100%, combined with a high-speed air duct at the top to quickly expel heat from the machine. When tested, the WIN 4 is silent with an 18W TDP and quieter than the WIN 3 with a 28W TDP.WIN 4 Has AAC Ultra-Linear Dual Speakers With Double Amplitude

Enhancement For Exceptionally Loud Sound

In terms of audio, the WIN 4 inherits its predecessor's excellent design, utilizing a high PSRR intelligent amplifier for improved efficiency and lower noise. It also retains the top-of-the-line German AAC stereo ultra-linear speakers, with a sound chamber that employs Bass materials, equivalent to a large 0.9cc sound chamber design. The dual-coil driven diaphragm ensures balanced force distribution, while double amplitude enhancement produces exceptionally loud sound!The Addition Of Optical Finger Navigation Mouse Makes Gaming And Office Tasks Even More Effortless And Convenient

To avoid frequent switching between the gamepad/mouse, the WIN 4 now features a Pocket 2-style Optical Finger Navigation mouse located in the lower right corner of the device, with support for click confirmation. This means that users can easily control the desktop even while in gamepad mode, making gaming and office tasks even more effortless and convenient.
To summarize:

1. The WIN 4 integrates three different input devices: "joystick-simulated mouse," "Optical Finger Navigation mouse," and "touch screen."
2. The WIN 4 supports four different input methods: "keyboard," "joystick-simulated mouse," "Optical Finger Navigation mouse," and "touch screen.The Fingerprint Unlock Feature Is Retained, Avoiding The Hassle Of Entering Passwords Every Time

It can be frustrating to constantly enter your password every time the screen locks due to a temporary absence. With the WIN 4, the fingerprint unlock function is conveniently located in the lower left corner, allowing for one-touch system unlocking with a single finger.
WIN 4 Has A New USB4 Interface With 40Gbps Bandwidth, Enabling It To Connect To The GPD G1 Graphics Dock For AAA Gaming Experiences

USB4 natively supports Thunderbolt 3 protocol, increasing the maximum transfer rate for each connected device to 32Gbps (4GB/s). When connected to an external graphics dock*, such as when gaming on a console, the WIN 4 can smoothly run the latest AAA games with significantly improved frame rates and smoother gameplay.* *The GPD G1 graphics dock is recommended for use with the WIN 4 for better compatibility. If using a third-party graphics dock, it is recommended to use Nvidia RTX 10, 20, or 30 series graphics cards, and AMD Radeon RX 6XXX, 7XXX, and Intel ARC Axxx series graphics cards are currently not recommended.

WIN 4 Has Dual Type-C Ports That Allow For Charging While An

External Display Is Connected

Users criticized the single Type-C port on the WIN 3. The WIN 4 addresses this issue with a dual Type-C port design, featuring one USB4 and one full-featured Type-C port that support charging, video signal output, and data transmission.


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