Lenovo Laptop Xiaoxin Pro 14 2023 AMD Ryzen7 7840HS Radeon 780M 32G LPDDR5X 1T/2T SSD 2.8K 120Hz IPS Screen 400nits Notebook


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2. About Windows
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The Laptop is high value and expensive item,When the package arrives, please check whether the opposite side of the package is in good 

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1. Any quality issue , 2. Function does not match description, We provide one-year warranty, which is only applicable to non-human damage. 


Model Certification

Xiaoxin Pro14 APH8


Xiaoxin Pro14



AMD R7 7840HS

Core number

8 cores

Maximum clock acceleration rate
12 cores



Operating system

Windows 11


video interface


Audio interface

3.5mm audio interface



Other interfaces

Fully functional USB-C X 1+ USB-A 3.2 Gen1X2


Screen size

14 inches

Physical Resolution


Display scale


Screen type

100%sRGB High color gamut -120Hz High refresh rate -400 nits IPS fog surface Low blue eye protection screen


Memory capacity


Memory type


Hard disk

Hard disk capacity


Hard drive type

SSD solid state drive

Graphics card

Graphics card type

Integrated Graphics


Wireless network card






1080P full HD IR camera with face recognition

CD drive

Optical drive type

No optical drive

Power Specifications



input device

Keyboard description

Backlit keyboard

Machine Specifications

Light weight

About 1.46kg


Thin about 15.995mm

Small new Pro Super Ben 2023

Ryzen 7 784OHS mobile processor

Standard configuration 32gb LPDDR5X 6400 Memory

Standard configuration 1TB PCle 4.0 High speed solid state drive

SSR. Super good screen

2.8K 16:10

High resolution golden ratio


High refresh rate

AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS

mobile processor

Big core with big display, thin and versatile

Equipped with Ryzen 77840HS mobile processor, using 4nm advanced manufacturing process and new generation Zen4 architecture to bring higher energy fficiency and extraordinary performance, single core and multi-core performance improved by  Lenovo professional optimization, performance release can reach about 60W, handle complex tasks eaily Excellent battery life brings real flexibility and freedom

Radeon 780M

Single-stage high energy core display entertainment creative power is abundant

Adopt the RDN 3 architecture that is the same origin as the flagship graphics Card and the net geneation host, bring comparable image Performance with high frequency LPDDR5 memory, vlolent performance is not imited, easy to control various scenes, play mainstream games biltin new generation VCN4.0 acceleration engine, support AVI hardware codec help explore the future video creation

Large memory large solid state applications open mass storage

One time tube enough large memory and Large hard disk heary ffce prolessional drawing. modeling rendering. game entertainment. and other scenes let you forget to bind the original many many to put down the file, is no longer a trouble. Not enough? Not afraid of not enough

High Performance

Great hardware and great tuning go hand in hand to unlock the full potential of powerful hardware

Geek Mode about 60W performance release power full load always super

xiaoxin Pro, known for its super performance release, once again transcends itsell Fully upgraded cooling module,

more professional and in-depth tuning optimlzation whether it is professonal creation or game entertainment, volent

performance is triggered, wanton release

Excellent . Fengshen cooling system efficient and comprehensive no dead Angle

Intelligent heat dissipation adjustment four gears as desired

The prestigious intelligent performance adjustment, Fn+Q three gear cooling mode switch Energy-saving mode provides quiet experience and ultra-long battery life, inteligent mode is balanced and easy to worry. and beast mode flly releases the huardware potential When pluggee in, Lenovo itelgent engine can switch to the extreme customer mode for further performance.

The geek model is strong enough to evolve

Light enough to handle in one hand

With a slim 14-inch bady, you can easily carry a precision metal body in one hand. The fine sandblasted cover has passed 21 rigorous qualty tests, and is sturdy and full of texture

High refresh rate and high resolution, taking into account smooth vision and delicate appearance Outstanding color, large  field of view and multiple eye protection, taking into account picture quality and comfort with Super Superb Rapid super good screen outstanding visual experience beyond imagination

2.8K high resolution brings more pixels, creating high precision; The golden ratio brings a larger display area, creating a larger field of vision

High refresh rates bring smooth and smooth images, creating clear dynamics. Super visual, every detail, every frame is captured in the eyes

Mist screen design

Effectively reducing glare, making it easier to see screen content clearly under strong light

Dual Rheinland Eye Protection Certification and Full DC Dimming

Low blue light, no flicker, more reassuring

Too many interfaces have become available

There are many samples available

The "Grand Slam" level has complete interfaces, fully meeting your office/creative/entertainment external needs,

Get rid of the constraints of the docking station, and be at ease with meetings, offices, and travel at all times

The 14 inch compact body is equipped with a 75Wh high-capacity battery that only 16 inch laptops can carry, achieving a higher level of power and significantly improving daily battery life. Equipped with Lenovo's newly designed next-generation rechargeable battery, it is smaller in size, lighter in weight, stronger in charging capacity, and has a long lifespan with multiple cycles. Paired with original 100W USB-C PD power adapter, charging for 15 minutes, video playback for about 5 hours, full blood return, no need for long wait.

Fingertips fly with each input

Small new shortcuts

Rich features at a touch

Innovative acoustic design, high quality and large size speakers, with large cavity and double sided four outs to make the simple acoustic principle can be fficiently presented, bringing clearer than the conventional double tone design, deeper bass, more outstanding sound field,

combined with Dolby Panorama sound effect, whether it is a movie or teleconference shock and immersive sound

Privacy guard visible

Front camera comes with physical privacy lock, more secure than electronic control, more assured than software, visible security

Online communication is like "face to Face'


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